Largest photovoltaic power project launched in Songjiang and Jinshan

Zhujing Town to open another green project to the public in June

Xingchen Greenland Square, a project to bring more convenience to Zhujing Town residents, will be put into use this June. The 10,000-square-meter green project is located next to Xiuzhou Street and Renmin Road and...

Largest photovoltaic power project launched in Songjiang and Jinshan

Summit held to promote cross-Strait cultural exchange


Enterprising artist paints new Jinshan image

Jun 26, 2017

JINSHAN in southwest Shanghai is famous for its peasant painting, and Li Wei, a Jinshan resident, is adding more artistic and poetic ambience to the suburban district. In 2010, Li set up the first art training classes...

Peasant art draws on folk crafts for vivid rural scenes

Nov 9, 2016

IN 1972 during the cultural revolution (1966-76), a group of urban artists was sent to the countryside to "learn" from the peasants. Cheng Shifa, Han Heping, Wu Tongzhang and others went to live in Zhonghong, a farm...



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You will have to take Jinshan Community Bus No.6, get off at Jinshan Bus Station, change for another...

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