Ecological garden brings money, development for Zhujing Town villagers

Jan 15, 2019

An ecological garden that opened just two years ago has brought abundant revenue and benefit of comprehensive development for local villagers in Zhujing Town, suburban Jinshan District. The Ecological Garden of Huakaihaishang,...

Jinshan Strawberry Festival launched in Langxia

Jan 14, 2019

The Jinshan Strawberry Festival was launched at a strawberry school in Langxia Town on Saturday, just in time for the Chinese New Year festival season. The prime picking time is expected to be late this month, which...

Beach banks of land fill project connected ahead of schedule

Jan 10, 2019

With a total length of 4,823 meters, the banks of a land fill project are east to Longquan Harbor, north to the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway and west to the east bank of the City Beach. The total planning area is around...

Jinshan added 12 greenways in 2018

Jan 9, 2019

Twelve new greenways, with a total length of 16.1 kilometers, were built in suburban Jinshan District last year. The longest greenway, running for 3.8 kilometers, is in Langxia Country Park, followed by greenways around...

Metro line extension, new subway line under consideration

Jan 7, 2019

The Jinshan Railway from South Shanghai Railway Station in Xuhui District to Jinshanwei Station in Jinshan District will be extended to Pinghu county-level city of neighboring Zhejiang Province. Currently Jinshan...

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