Jinshan Shopping Festival brings in the cash

Oct 25, 2019

The one-month Jinshan Shopping Festival, closed on Tuesday, was aimed at promoting the development of the suburban district's time-honored brands and nighttime economy. During the festival, the sales revenue reaped...

Shanghai Makers held at UAV base

Oct 23, 2019

The Shanghai International Maker Competition (Shanghai Makers) organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission was held recently at the East China Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Base. The competition gathered...

Shanghai South-Jinshan rail line on track with popularity

Oct 18, 2019

The intercity railway between Shanghai South Railway Station and Jinshan District has transported more than 60 million passengers in the last seven years since its opening on September 28, 2012. During the past...

Bus route extended to link Shantang villages

Oct 16, 2019

The Langxia No. 2 Bus Route was extended from Shantang Village of Langxia Town in Jinshan District to Shantang Village of Guangchen Town of Pinghu City in neighboring Zhejiang Province on Monday. It's the first bus...

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