New material robust in Jinshan

Jul 14, 2010

Jinshan District is making efforts to make new material industry into a new development engine. Some enterprises from Taiwan have signed letters of intent with Zhangyan New Material Industrial Park to set up branches...

Peasant painter launches book

Jul 14, 2010

Peasant painter Lu Yongzhong from Jinshan District held a book launch and signing ceremony in Private Enterprise Pavilion at Shanghai Expo site recently. Lu's painting series A'xiang Traveling across China attracted...

Jinshan to open a mega shopping center

Jul 14, 2010

More than 300 merchants have signed with the upcoming Bailian Jinshan Shopping Center to open their outlets there in Jinshan District. The shopping center, one of the district's major projects this year, will open...

Jinshan collects intangible cultural heritage

Jul 9, 2010

Five intangible cultural heritage crafts in Jinshan District have been listed in the Shanghai Intangible Culture Heritages list in the past five years. Altogether Jinshan has collected 829 fragments or materials...