Jinshan now a model in production of organic products

Nov 8, 2017

The country's Certification and Accreditation Administration has recently put Jinshan District on the List of National Exemplary Area of Organic Products Production. Since 2016, Jinshan has been working hard to...

Jinshan flood control project the largest in district

Nov 8, 2017

The standard project of flood discharge channel and flood control dike will be finished next year. The project spans four towns in Jinshan District, namely, Fengjing, Zhujing, Luxiang, and Langxia. With an investment...

Mayor stresses safety and environment improvement of the city's chemical industry

Nov 6, 2017

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong, and Vice-Mayor Shi Guanghui inspected Jinshan District and Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park on Thursday. Ying said Shanghai Municipal Government will deliver its promise of completing the...

More green buses to hit the road in Jinshan

Nov 3, 2017

Jinshan District is putting in more efforts to promote environmentally friendly public transport. By the end of this year, 135 new energy buses will hit the road, raising the total number to 526. The district has...

Jinshan names more 'little tech giants'

Nov 2, 2017

Six Jinshan enterprises, including Liyang Road Reinforcement Technology and Different Chemical Fiber, have been added to the 2017 "Fledging Tech-Giants" list. It requires a company to have a number of intellectual...

British children's choir attracts a big audience

Oct 30, 2017

British children's choir Libera sing at Jinshan Culture Stadium last week as part of the 19th China Shanghai Interntional Arts Festival, attracting an audience of more than 400. The choir was founded in 1984 and released...

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