Revival campaign boosts local Jinshan traditions

Sep 14, 2017

Jinshan government has stepped up efforts to promote and revive local cultural heritage, including waist drum performances from Tinglin, festive lanterns from Zhujing, and folk songs from Jinshanwei. A general survey...

Multi-bay Jinshan car check facility more efficient

Sep 11, 2017

Jinshan police have installed new car safety check facilities at the entrance of Shenyang-Haikou Expressway to facilitate better traffic flows during peak hours. In the past, the check station had capacity to assess...

Galsang flowers celebrated in National Day festival

Sep 8, 2017

The first Galsang Flower Festival will be staged at Jinshan's Huakai Haishang Biological Gardens during National Day holidays from October 1. The galsang flower is regarded as "the flower of happiness" in certain...

Widen Photodiode lists on equity exchange

Sep 5, 2017

Jinshan-based Shanghai Widen Photodiode Tech Corporation was listed on the Shanghai Equity Exchange last Friday. It was the sixth company in the district to gain financial support from the science and technology board. Fourteen...

Unmanned systems trends explored

Sep 4, 2017

The 2017 World Unmanned Systems Conference (WUSC) will be held at Jinshan City Beach in Shanghai on September 15 and 16. The conference will showcase leading trends in the unmanned systems industry, promote industry...

Jinshan beckons shoppers, sightseers and seafood lovers

Sep 1, 2017

The Jinshan Shopping and Tourism Festival is set to start on September 10. During the month-long festival, people can enjoy discounts offered by shops and tourist attractions. Fengjing Old Town, Langxia Biological...

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