Visitors can scan QR codes to learn history of 30 spots in Jinshan

Nov 3, 2018

Visitors to 30 historical buildings, cultural relics and archeological sites across Jinshan District can learn their background information by simply scanning QR codes on the spot to improve their visiting experience. The...

Jinshan school hosts 1st Youngsters' Peking Opera Art Festival

Nov 1, 2018

Students from nine kindergartens and schools joined the Shanghai Jinshan First Youngsters' Peking Opera Art Festival in Jinshan High School on Sunday. They performed Peking Opera, both traditional and modern style,...

Jinshan hosts its 1st international kite flying invitational tournament

Oct 31, 2018

More than 200 kite flyers from 12 countries and regions joined the 2018 Jinshan International Kite Flying Invitational Tournament & National Stunt Kite Championships at City Beach on Saturday. It's the first time...

Jinshan adopts a new three-year action plan for environment improvement

Oct 25, 2018

Jinshan is set to markedly improve the local environment, enhance green production and green living, and allow residents to get a true sense of continuous ecological betterment by 2020, according to a new action plan...

Three quarters of key projects in Jinshan proceed well

Oct 24, 2018

Seven key projects had been completed and the construction of 32 key projects had been started by the end of September in Jinshan District, accounting for 13.5 percent and 61.5 percent of the total 52 key projects...

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