Jinshan issues 27 garbage rectification notices

Jul 3, 2019

Jinshan's urban management and law enforcement authorities have issued 27 rectification notices since the domestic garbage management regulations came into effect on Monday. In total, 114 places were checked by inspectors...

Promotional activities

Jul 2, 2019

Agricultural science Carry out agricultural science demonstration activities on fruit and vegetable planting Promotional activities at Hema Fresh Hold promotional activities in downtown branches of Hema Fresh shops Agricultural...

Fruit retailing shops

Jul 2, 2019

Online shops Official WeChat account of "Laijinshanbaixiang" Jinshan section of Offline shops Bailian Zhonghuan Shopping Mall Six branches of City Shop Global Harbor Shopping Center in Putuo District Chengxiang...

Recommended fruits for Jinshan Colorful Fruit Festival

Jul 2, 2019

June: Melon, Xiaohuangguan watermelon, loquat, blueberry, nectarine, peach, cantaloupe, blackberry, cherry tomato, Tinglin melon, fruit corn, 8424 watermelon July: Blueberry, Jinshan flat peach, peach, grape, honeydew,...

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