Shanghai Equity Exchange launches service center in Jinshan

Mar 14, 2017

Shanghai Equity Exchange opened a service center in Jinshan recently for the convenience of companies in the district. Shanghai Bingzhi Smart Materials Co Ltd is among the first batch of Jinshan enterprises to list on the exchange.

Of the 9,711 SEE-listed companies, 680 are traded on the E board; 8,929 are traded on the Q board; and the rest 102 are tech startups. The platform has raised 23.45 billion yuan (US$3.39 billion) with 19.45 billion yuan through equity sales and 4 billion yuan through bond sales.

The SEE Jinshan Service Center will bring investment companies, listed enterprises and accounting and legal firms together and will help companies to hold road shows. Local enterprises seeking funds can get one-stop-shop listing services there.