Fishing village attracts visitors with heritage, seafood, leisure

Jun 15, 2017

Jinshan authorities have made a plan to turn Jinshanzui Fishing Village on Hangzhou Bay into a seaside resort where tourists can have seafood, explore the old streets, relax in bookstores, cafés and bars, and stay in bed-and-breakfast inns.

"We will also develop urban farming to benefit local folks and boost economy. We try to achieve balanced development of all industries and make Jinshan a garden-like community," said Zhao Weixing, the district Party secretary.

Jinshansui Fishing Village is the only village in Shanghai still engaged in sea fishing. Measures were taken in 2010 to preserve its old houses, streets and heritages for tourism purpose. The village now has a fishery museum.

Jiang Dongmei, one of the first seafood suppliers in the village, said her business has doubled. Many village restaurants have people waiting during holidays.

Some vacant houses have been turned into hotels, bars and cafés. Some villagers formed co-ops to run vegetable and fruit farms as tourist attractions and supply produce to local restaurants and the market.

Since 2011, the fishing village has received 3.2 million tourists. New projects are under way to improve local infrastructure and tourist facilities.