Environmental efforts are paying off in the district

Aug 4, 2017

Jinshan's comprehensive environmental treatment plan is bearing results as the district's excellent and good-air days increased to 138 days, or 76 percent, of all days in the first six months.

Meanwhile, 75 percent of the 185 rivers on the treatment list have been dredged and the 1,944 waterways in the district have been assigned a "river chief" each, usually the leading official in the area.

District authorities also demolished 2,426 illegal buildings, totaling 4.66 million square meters, for damaging the environment. This is more than the target of 2.14 million square meters for the first half of 2017.

So far, Jinshan has completed 65 of its 113 tasks for this year and 463 of the 511 projects in a three-year action plan. It has the highest public satisfaction rate for environmental management among all districts of Shanghai.