Jinshan beckons shoppers, sightseers and seafood lovers

Sep 1, 2017

Fireworks over the City Beach are a highlight of the annual tourism festival.

The Jinshan Shopping and Tourism Festival is set to start on September 10. During the month-long festival, people can enjoy discounts offered by shops and tourist attractions.

Fengjing Old Town, Langxia Biological Garden, Donglin Temple and Jinshanzui Fishing Village, for example, will charge half prices for admission between September 9 and 15.

Traditional wedding ceremonies will be held on September 21 and 22 in Fengjing for 20 couples who will wear colorful qipao and changshan and follow the traditional rituals. Collective weddings in Chinese style have been part of the festival for 12 years.

Jinshanzui Fishing Village will have a seafood festival of its own that will run until the end of October. The village on Hangzhou Bay is seeking the status of a 4A tourist attraction. It is also a big draw for seafood lovers.

The Jinshan City Beach will have firework displays on October 2 and 6; Langxia Village is promoting farm tours and barbecue parties from October 3 to 5; and Lvxiang Fruit Farm is inviting people to pick fruits between September 10 and early October.