Galsang flowers celebrated in National Day festival

Sep 8, 2017

Early blooms are flowering at Huakai Haishang Biological Gardens in Jinshan.

The first Galsang Flower Festival will be staged at Jinshan's Huakai Haishang Biological Gardens during National Day holidays from October 1.

The galsang flower is regarded as "the flower of happiness" in certain Chinese folk cultures. Its full bloom should fall at the end of September.

The gardens have been expanded this year to 500 mu (33 hectares) from the previous 300 mu, with different visual designs included in many areas.

The organizers have created flower paths through the gardens and children's rides will be available.

Huakai Haishang Biological Gardens welcomed a record number of 100,000 tourists over three days during the National Day Holiday last year.

The entry fee this year is 30 yuan (US$4.6) per person.