Revival campaign boosts local Jinshan traditions

Sep 14, 2017

Jinshan government has stepped up efforts to promote and revive local cultural heritage, including waist drum performances from Tinglin, festive lanterns from Zhujing, and folk songs from Jinshanwei.

A general survey supported by governmental funding about 10 years ago explored the status of the region's cultural events' history in an effort to preserve local folk traditions.

The traditions had almost died out but a 2006 campaign throughout Jinshan towns to explore their own cultural features revitalized the performance aspects.

Lianxiang dance, for example, has a history of over 100 years in Langxia Town. It used to be a ritual performance and is now listed as a Shanghai Intangible Culture.

As the traditions start being revived, protective restoration is also underway on historical buildings. A dozen relics, including Yao Guang Residence and Guangfu Bridge, have been restored according to their original designs.

The uniquely designed ancient Three-Hundred Garden complex, for example, has introduced artist workshops to extend its utility and promote local culture by attracting tourists.