New trains introduced for 5th birthday

Sep 27, 2017

Jinshan railway is planning to celebrate its fifth anniversary tomorrow by using two new trains.

They will be the CRH6A model which responds faster to operations and can hold 1,471 passengers, about 250 percent more than the previous model. It also boasts better comfort and safety.

Jinshan railway started running in 2012. The 56-kilometer track extends from Jinshanwei Station to Shanghai South Railway Station, with six stations in between.

Over the past five years it has transported over 40 million passengers, with an average daily flow of 30,000 people.

The ticketing system is compatible with the metro system, allowing for easier transfers to downtown transport.

Two timetables rotate from weekday to weekend, separating the peak hours in the workday and the idle hours to make the most of railway facilities.