Mayor stresses safety and environment improvement of the city's chemical industry

Nov 6, 2017

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong, and Vice-Mayor Shi Guanghui inspected Jinshan District and Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park on Thursday.
Ying said Shanghai Municipal Government will deliver its promise of completing the ecological environment renovation, accelerate industrial transformation, and further urban-rural integration.

During the inspection, Ying visited Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Limited. Ying was briefed on the company's development, safety procedures and production management. The mayor said the highest safety standard must be implemented.
Ying also visited Jinshan Second Industrial Zone to check the environment comprehensive improvement and to learn about the real-time emission monitoring system. One official with the zone said that after three years of endeavor, the zone's economy keeps rising and its environment improving. The energy consumption per 10,000 yuan (US$1,511) output value and emission of volatile organic chemicals have been significantly lowered.

Ying said Jinshan District and Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park have kept up with the three-year environment improvement plan. Next, major and small rivers should be cleaned and more public green space should be open to the public soon.

Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park and Jinshan District are two leading areas of Shanghai's chemical industry, Ying said. They should always pay attention to the safety procedures, improve emergency management capability, implement strict environment protections, focus on importing projects with the highest standard, build research centers to commercialize scientific research findings, and strive to build themselves into world-class chemical industrial bases, the mayor added.