Jinshan promotes its cultural industry through innovation

Jan 9, 2018

Tourists are enjoying a piece of artwork at East Coastal Culture and Innovation Park in Jinshan.

Jinshan is now promoting the integration of innovation and local cultural resources to boost the local cultural industry. 

Transformed from an old factory, the East Coastal Culture and Innovation Park is the first of its kind in the district, which opened in May last year. It's now attracting throngs of tourists with traditional farm and household tools like wooden abacus, carpenter's ware and moon cake mould, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

Apart from being a new landmark, the park serves for a variety of culture, art, tourism, educational functions.

Jinshan is introducing the park's successful experience into Jinshanzui Oceanic Cultural Park, Farmers' Painting Village and several other folk art areas.

The district is now also striving to upgrade local brands of farmers' paintings, silk tapestry and artistic cashmere products.