Tinglin introduces a new scheme to enrich children's after-class activities

Jan 11, 2018

Tinglin Town in Jinshan District has recently set up the city's first league of children's palaces to provide more after-class activities.

The league organizes a variety of events like paper-quilling, kite-flying, traditional Chinese painting and many others. These activities will rotate among schools for most children to participate and have fun.

Efforts have been made to preserve the Tinglin waist drum dance, a local intangible cultural heritage. At first, six drum teams were organized, but now almost all schools in the town have drum teams with more than 13,200 students receiving some basic training of the drum-playing skills.

The league has proved to be effective in conserving folk culture and traditions as well as offering teachers more ideas in organizing children activities.

It will continue to integrate quality cultural resources from social practice bases, organizations and other units and further enrich children's after-class activities.