Jinshan AI robot forum focuses on education and innovation

Jan 15, 2018

The Jinshan AI Robot Science and Education Experience Museum is unveiled during the forum.

The 2018 AI Robot Education Innovation and Development Forum was held last week at Jinshan's Haikuo Innovative Park.

Experts and educators from all over the country gathered here to exchange ideas on new modes for AI robot education and industry development.

Deputy District Governor Zhang Difang said that Jinshan is endeavoring to build an unmanned system featuring an unmanned system base, a pilot base and a research and development base according to the State Council's strategic plan.

Shanghai Taijing Group and Jinshan education system will collaborate in the field, which will help enrich students' knowledge of AI and promote the industry's sustaining development.

The forum also discussed the current AI robot teaching projects in the district and the courses design and reform in the future.

The Jinshan AI Robot Science and Education Experience Museum was launched during the forum. It has knowledge promotion, demonstration, experience and training functions for AI robot technology.

Young talents will be cultivated and selected at the newly founded teenager robot research institute to study, research, program and participate in contests and communication events.