Fire hazards eliminated in Jinshan before holiday

Feb 5, 2018

Fire control department of suburban Jinshan District launched a series of safety inspections in dorms of factory workers on February 1.

In a dorm room of an electronic components factory, officers found some workers installed additional electric wires by themselves.

"Some workers connected a wire board to the socket for air-conditioning," said an officer. "It can be dangerous as the wire board may short-circuit the socket."

Officers found the fire control awareness among workers was poor. In another dorm room officers noticed the wire above bathroom door was not wrapped up by insulating material. It can be lethal if someone accidentally touched the wire.

After the inspection officers gave all workers a simple tutorial on how to properly use extinguishers.

With Spring Festival drawing near, many workers are busy finishing their jobs and preparing to go home, fire safety in dorms are often neglected. The authority ordered all factories to organize classes among workers to strengthen fire awareness.

Meanwhile, the factories were urged to review their own equipment and facilities so as to ensure the operation after the holiday.