Construction proceeds smoothly for city's key project to produce foldable display

Feb 11, 2018

The construction of the Everdisplay Optronics' AMOLED display factory, one of Shanghai's key projects, is progressing on schedule in Jinshan District.

The total area for the complex reaches 400,000 square meters, making it the largest single industrial factory in the district. Each floor is about 100,000 square meters, which equals to 15 standard soccer fields.

Currently, about 80 percent of the construction has been completed and the installation for electromechanical system is still underway. Jinshan government has been supporting the project by guaranteeing its water and electricity supply.

The factory will mainly produce foldable, high-definition display. Its monthly output is set to hit 30,000 pieces to meet the cell phone market demand.

The company is still trying to improve the products and it plans to start production in early 2019.