Jinshan's Lvxiang Town is transforming itself into a smart urban area

Mar 2, 2018

Lvxiang Town in Jinshan District is making steady progresses in introducing smart projects to improve local community management and people's daily lives.

The town has been listed as a pilot zone to push ahead Shanghai's smart city program

The town's smart platform, mainly loaded on television, provides different columns for residents to read latest local news, government information and public notices.

Real-time video from monitoring cameras installed in the main public areas and roads helps to guarantee public security. Villagers can report to the platform if any accident arises. 

It also provides online hospital registration service for Tinglin Hospital, which is a great convenience for local residents.

Some residential communities are equipped with a vehicle recognition and face scanning system to record traffic in a community.

The lamp posts have served as public WiFi hot spots in places where people usually need to get connected.

Currently the installation of TV platform, WiFi hot spots and other safety equipment is underway and will be completed by the end of this month.