Jinshan launches a new round of campaign to clean up the air

Mar 13, 2018

Jinshan launches a new round of air cleaning campaign, which aims to reach 77 percent of fine air quality this year.

The district joined the environmental protection, construction management, transportation and greening departments to design an overall plan for air pollution prevention and treatment.

The campaign includes three main targets, namely the improvement of gas boiler standard, a profound treatment for the industrial volatile organic compound and the promotion of new energy cars.

Altogether 84 enterprises have been included in the list for an enhanced management to guarantee air quality. They will be strictly supervised to properly rearrange the manufacturing schedule and cut down pollution emission.

Specific tasks for the spring season were also released with measures to approve the construction sites, clean the river ways and keep the roads dust free.

Jinshan's action in recent years to improve the air quality has paid off. Last year, the district saw a 75.3 percent of fine air days, up 4 points from 2014. Other pollutants in the air like PM2.5 and PM10 also saw decline to various degrees.