UVS Co to set up an assembly center in Jinshan to produce large amphibious drones

Apr 13, 2018

Shanghai UVS Intelligence System Co has recently produced its large-scale unmanned amphibious commercial aircraft U650, which will be the first of its kind in the country's market.

Having just finished trial flight, the drone will soon be ready for customer trial flying. It can carry up to 250 kilograms of cargo and it uses 95# gasoline. Its biggest strength is that it can take off and land on driveways, waterways and sea.

UVS Co plans to set up its assembly center in Jinshan District and start production in July. The company is expected to produce 15 to 20 drones each year. U650 also has the advantages of low production costs, a reasonable price tag and easy maintenance.

Other than logistic services, the drone can also be used in maritime research, inland lake monitoring, geological survey and routine inspection on power, oil and natural gas pipeline.

The company has already received a number of preorders from domestic and foreign customers, and if needed, their annual production can be revved up to 40 to 50 drones.