Special exhibition of wharf pavilion relics opens at Jinshan Museum

Jun 12, 2018

Visitors appreciate exhibits at a special exhibition with the theme of Jinshan wharf pavilion relics at Jinshan Museum on Saturday.

A special exhibition of Jinshan wharf pavilion relics was unveiled at Jinshan Museum on Saturday to mark the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day.

The wharf pavilion relics were discovered at Daijing Village of Zhujing Town in Jinshan District in 2016.

It's the first relic site of underwater culture formally excavated in Shanghai and the exhibition is the first archaeology exhibition on wharf pavilion in China.

The exhibition shows nearly 100 cultural relics of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Visitors can also watch a video showing the discovery, excavation and protection of the wharf pavilion.

The exhibition, co-sponsored by Shanghai Cultural Relic Protection Research Center and Jinshan Museum, will open to visitors for three months.

At the opening ceremony, Zhai Yang, the leader of the excavation team, introduced the exploration process. And a book on the exhibits was also released at the ceremony.