Jinshan and Jiaxing jointly host more than 60 events to promote cultural exchanges

Jul 23, 2018

Jinshan District has joined hands with neighboring Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province to host more than 60 events this year to promote cultural exchanges.

Jinshan District Cultural Hall hosted China Zhejiang International Cartoon Biennial Exhibition in June, displaying more than 50 cartoon works, most of which are from European countries, including France, Belgium, Bulgaria and Czech. The artworks were selected from the first to the eighth China Zhejiang International Cartoon Biennial Exhibition.

Pinghu Cultural Hall in Jiaxing also displayed 80 Jinshan Peasant Paintings by famed painters in Jinshan, including Wang Ani and Cao Xiuwen.

Cultural exchange is an important platform and the events held in the first half of the year have been well received by local residents of the two sides, according to Jinshan District Administration of Culture, Radio, Television.