Jinshan District director gives an interview to Shanghai Radio Station

Aug 3, 2018

Jinshan District Director Hu Weiguo gave an interview to Shanghai Radio Station on Wednesday and answered audience's phone calls.

Hu addressed complaints and took advices over the phone and the topics ranged from sewage water discharging, noise, dirty swimming pool to unlicensed vendors.

A resident surnamed Chen said a chemical plant in Zhujing Town rented its factory mill to a scrap iron factory, and during the casting process the factory made a lot of noise and the sewage water was discharged into Xinxing River nearby directly without treatment.

Hu told Chen that the problem had been found during inspection by authorities and the factory owner had been summoned and ordered for a rectification. Jinshan authorities will strengthen supervision and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Before the program was aired, Hu and reporters from Shanghai Radio Station visited Langxia Country Park and Lvxiang Fruit Park.