Jinshan invests US$2.76 million in renovation of roads, bridges and sidewalks

Sep 12, 2018

The renovation of roads, bridges and pedestrian sidewalks have begun in Jinshan District with a total investment of 18.47 million yuan (US$2.76 million).

The roads include Xuefu Road from Longsheng Road to Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, East Jin'er Road from Weisan Road to North Suitanghe Road and Laofengshan Road from North Weiwu Road to Huangjiang Road.

The bridges are Longquangang Bridge along Weiling Road, Longquangang Bridge on Mengshan Road and Zhandougang Bridge along Long'an Road.

The five sidewalks are along Long'an Road from Hangzhou Bay Avenue to Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, West Banqiao Road from Longkai Street to Hangzhou Bay Avenue, Longkai Street from West Banqiao Road to West Weiqing Road, around Shanlong Square and Linchao Street.

All the renovations are slated to be completed in the mid of October.