Jinshan starts construction of the second phase of Langxia suburban park

Oct 8, 2018

An artistic rendering of Langxia Suburban Park in Jinshan.

Construction of the second phase of Shanghai's first suburban park in Langxia, Jinshan kicked off on Friday. 

Taking up 44 percent of the overall park, the second phase will cover 9.4 square kilometers in the western part of the town, featuring an idyllic marathon route winding through natural sceneries including agricultural fields, ecological conservation forests, wetlands and cultural villages. 

Multiple landscapes are designed according to local conditions, preserving the original looks as much as possible.

The fields will be equipped with a compound purifying system, which directs the water after irrigation back to the river through natural cleaning treatment, meanwhile improving water quality in the river.

Aquatic cash crops like lotus roots and cane shoots are also introduced for the sake of the view and economic benefits to make the most of the land.

Besides the emphasis on green ecology, the latest project stresses local cultural characteristics as well. Traditional architectural traits will be involved in homestay building or village restoration. 

"We carry out the land processing in three steps," said a worker at the city's building lot affairs center. "We collect the industrial land in low efficiency, feed the ecological space and see if we can do more with the land."

The suburban park is a tap into the land there.