Jinshan receives 475,600 visitors during National Day holiday

Oct 10, 2018

Tourists throng to Jinshanzui Fishing Village in Jinshan during the National Day holiday.

Tourist attractions in Jinshan District received a total of 475,600 visitors during the seven-day National Day holiday, which ended on Sunday, up 28.5 percent over the same period of last year.

Fengjing Ancient Town was the most popular tourist destination with 163,500 admissions. City Beach followed with 94,500 admissions while Langxia Country Park received 29,800 tourists.

At the Fengjing Water Town, visitors witnessed a group wedding on boat and the couples were dressed in traditional Chinese costumes. Visitors also watched traditional Chinese operas on ancient stages.

At City Beach, visitors enjoyed barbecues in the east near T-shaped dam and had water sports fun including speed boat, water cycling and canoeing. Swing Park allowed kids as well as adults to have a fly under sunshine.

As the toll free policy was adopted during the National Day holiday for sedans with no more than seven seats, around 80 percent of the visitors came to the scenic spots by cars. At Jinshanzui Fishing Village, the operator added nearly 1,000 parking spaces at two new parking lots to make it convenient for self-driving visitors.

Other popular tourist spots include Huakaihaishang Ecological Park, Chinese Peasants Painting Village, Langxia Ecological Park and Lvxiang Fruit Park.