2 Jinshan villages selected as candidates for the Beautiful Leisure Village title

Oct 11, 2018

Two villages in Jinshan District have been included in a list of 150 candidate villages for 2018 Beautiful Leisure Village in China compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Xinyi Village of Fengjing Town and Nanxing Village of Tinglin Town are recommended for the title thanks to their long history, beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources.

With a total area of 4.34 square kilometers, Xinyi Village has been awarded as a national demonstration village, Beautiful Village in Shanghai and Shanghai Civilized Village.

With an area of 6.8 square kilometers, Nanxing Village was set up in May, 2002, by combining former Nanxing Village and Songyin Village. The village is famous for its cleanness, safety and civilized villagers.