Jinshan adopts a new three-year action plan for environment improvement

Oct 25, 2018

Jinshan is set to markedly improve the local environment, enhance green production and green living, and allow residents to get a true sense of continuous ecological betterment by 2020, according to a new action plan released by the district yesterday.

The Jinshan District Three-Year Environmental Protection Action Plan (2018-2020) stipulates that the water quality in the district should be significantly improved and stinky dark rivers eliminated; the good air quality index should at least reach 80 percent or be better than the city's average, and the average density of PM2.5 should be lowered to below 37 micrograms per cubic meter.

Pollution in Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone should be erased and the average pollutants from volatile organic compounds should be lower than city's annual target.

The ratio of sewage treatment should be higher than 95 percent in both urban and rural areas.