City government approves action plan to upgrade Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone

Dec 28, 2018

Shanghai municipal government approved an action plan on deep adjustment, transformation & development for Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone in order to make industries in the area more environmentally friendly, efficient and using more high technologies, according to Shanghaifabu, the official WeChat account of the city government on Tuesday.

The Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone will make all efforts to focus on energy saving, environmental protection and biomedicine. And it aims to become a demonstration area for the transformation development of industrial zones in Shanghai.

Set up in 2002, Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone has witnessed rapid development in the past years, especially its fine chemicals industry. However, it also faces serious problems of high pollution and unbalanced industrial development.

Pollution in Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone should be erased, according to Jinshan District Three-Year Environmental Protection Action Plan (2018-2020) announced in October.