Ecological garden brings money, development for Zhujing Town villagers

Jan 15, 2019

An ecological garden that opened just two years ago has brought abundant revenue and benefit of comprehensive development for local villagers in Zhujing Town, suburban Jinshan District.

The Ecological Garden of Huakaihaishang, literally meaning "Flower blossoming on sea," in the far west corner of Zhujing has received more than 600,000 visitors since 2016. The revenue from admission itself reached 3.5 million yuan (US$514,706) in 2018.

"As a temporary worker in the ecological garden, I earn around 2,500 yuan a month. In addition, I have a pension of 2,500 yuan a month, and earn 3,600 yuan from renting out my land a year," 74-year-old Xu Liansheng said.

There are 120 to 160 temporary workers in the ecological garden in Daijing Village.

The ecological garden operator rebates 10 percent of the entry fees to villagers as dividend, according to an agreement between the operator and the village committee. The village also has income from 2,000 parking spaces in the west of the ecological park.

Four farm houses will be decorated into homestays for visitors in the near term. The house owners will be able to receive rent and provide cleaning service for the homestay operators to earn additional income.

There are more than 1,200 houses in the village, and about 100 of them can be rented as homestays in the future.

A boutique hotel will be set up in the area, and the dividend from this will also yield long-term revenue for villagers.