Signing ceremony for nine projects held at Fengjing Town incubator

Feb 1, 2019

The signing ceremony for agreements on nine projects was held at an incubator in Xinyi Village of Fengjing Town on January 25, marking the operation of the first incubator in Shanghai's suburbs.

The nine projects cover coating, processing of sesame, breeding of goldfish, paint, candle and cultural innovations. The Hui-style buildings of offices, galleries and exhibition halls with high, white walls and black tiles were abolished pigpens that have been converted on the banks of a river.

"The incubation spaces enable enterprises to have development opportunities, and add to the income of farmers, and at the same time improve the overall environment of the rural area," Zhang Bin, Party Secretary of Fengjing Town in suburban Jinshan District, said.

In 2020, nine homestays will be set up in the village, and amusement parks and flower beds will be set up around the village.

Marie's Art Factory, established in 1919, plans to host a village space design contest jointly with Fengjing Town to make the area more artistic