One-stop government service app called Suishenban

Feb 10, 2019

Shanghai named its one-stop government affair service app as Suishenban Citizen Cloud ( yesterday, with the number of registered users of the portal reaching 10 million.

Last year, Shanghai launched a comprehensive government affairs service platform for individuals and enterprises that provides a one-stop service portal which merges public services of all departments.

At present, altogether 1,274 government service items can be applied for and handled on the one-stop service portal which can handle an average of 75,000 affairs every day.

Altogether 167 individual affairs can be applied for and handled at 220 community affair service centers across the city and 130 kinds of services can be handled on the portal. The portal is also able to deal with more than 50 kinds of enterprise affairs.

It is also reported that 1.5 million payments have been completed on the unified payment platform of the portal.

Besides, domestic company establishment, health insurance and other services can be handled in some cities across the Yangtze River Delta region.