Jinshan scenic areas draw big crowds during Labor Day holiday

May 7, 2019

Scenic areas in Jinshan District received a total of 300,400 visitors during the four-day Labor Day holiday.

In addition, Jinshan Library and Jinshan Museum received 10,067 and 1,051 visitors, respectively, during the period.

A folk opera was staged at Fishermen's Teahouse in Jinshanzui Fishing Village every day. And the Fishing Bay Night Market inside the village attracted gourmets with barbecues and local specialties.

In Fengjing Old Town, the classical Water Town Wedding Ceremony attracted throngs of visitors. And in the Langxia Ecology Park, restaurants opened by local villagers introduced new menus for visitors. And other attractions nearby, like the Jinlang Equestrian Farm and the Star Sky Resort, also proved popular among youths.