Dragon Boat Festival holiday draws hordes to Jinshan

Jun 12, 2019

Tourist attractions in Jinshan District received 209,106 visitors during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival from June 7 to 9, rising 6.7 percent from the same period last year, according to the Jinshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau yesterday.

The holiday coincided with Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which fell on Saturday this year.

Folk activities, exhibitions of cultural and natural heritage skills, leisure and fruit-picking activities were popular among visitors. The Jinshan District Cultural Hall, the Jinshan District Library, and the Jinshan Peasant Painting Institute held 87 activities, receiving a total of 22,979 visitors.

At Langxia Countryside Park, visitors had a chance to experience intangible cultural heritages of using locally produced cloth to make paintings, making traditional lanterns, wrapping zongzi, or glutinous rice dumplings, etc.

Some visitors even participated in the drawing of a Jinshan peasant painting, which was 40 meters long, on Saturday.

And on Sunday at the Lvxiang Fruit Park, visitors witnessed a dragon dance show presented by nine dragon dancing teams from the suburban district.