Same-name villages join hands for development

Jul 10, 2019

Two villages sharing the same name on both banks of a river dividing Shanghai and Zhejiang Province have joined hands to accelerate development, online news portal Shanghai Observer reported yesterday.

Shantang Village of Langxia Town, Jinshan District, and Shantang Village of Guangchen Town, Pinghu of Zhejiang Province are collaborating in the planning, designing, and launch of the Bright Moon Shantang scenic area, with a total investment of 52 million yuan (US$7.65 million).

As Jinshan's Shantang Village is in the north of the river, it's called North Shantang while the village of Pinghu is called South Shantang by locals. They are connected by a 22-meter slate stone bridge across the river.

The history of the bridge over the Shantang River dates back to as early as the reign of Jiaqing (1796-1821) in the Qing Dynasty. And the population on either side of the Shantang River is around 2,700.

The total investment for the Bright Moon Shantang scenic area in Shanghai is expected to be 22 million yuan on a land area of 73,370 square meters, or the size of 10 standard soccer fields, while the total investment for the scenic area on the Zhejiang side is around 30 million yuan on a land area of 193,430 square meters, or the size of 28 standard soccer fields.

So far, construction in Zhejiang has been completed, and Shantang Old Street opened to public during the past Dragon Boat Festival, receiving more than 78,800 visitors for the 3-day holiday.

The construction on the Shanghai side is nearing completion as well.

"The two sides have joined hands to do one thing, we are confident of doing it well," Lu Aihong, a grocery store owner in South Shantang, said