Unmanned aerial base busy with drones

Aug 14, 2019

The East China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base has witnessed drones landing on more than 10,000 occasions since it was put into operation in the Jinshan Industrial Zone on April 10, 2018.

The White-Shark V40 made by Shanghai Autoflight Co Ltd won a system technology innovative product award at the 4th Shenzhen International UAV Expo 2019 in June.

The White-Shark V40 has the capacity to fly for five hours non-stop with pure electricity, far more than the average industry duration of one to one and a half hours. It has eight lifting motors with a high-end body. The power system is highly efficient, and 99.5 percent of the electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy.

An unmanned drone of China Post, carrying 250 kilograms of parcels, set off from a water airport of Jinshan District and landed on the sea off the coast of Shengsi Island of Zhoushan in neighboring Zhejiang Province on June 23.

It's the first case of parcel delivery with a large fixed-wing drone on sea in China, which took 52 minutes.

The amphibious drone with fixed wings can land on normal highways, grasslands, rivers and seas, which makes it especially practical in Zhoushan, where there are hundreds of islands on the East China Sea.

With the service, the delivery time from Shanghai to the islands in Zhoushan can be reduced by four to six hours as parcels are currently transported by trucks and ferries.

The East China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base has two runways, each 800 meters long and 30 meters wide; a water airport; 58 square kilometers of terrestrial airspace; and 200 square kilometers of water space.