Two highways open in Zhujing Town

Aug 30, 2019

Two highways in Zhujing Town opened yesterday, which is set to improve the traffic situation in the area.

The newly built Beihuan Road is from Xianju Road to Shenpujing Road with a total length of 1.47 kilometers. With six fast lanes and two slow lanes, the designed speed cap on the road is 60 kilometers an hour.

The road is expected to be renamed as Beixiu Highway in the future.

Xianju Road in Zhujing was also put into use yesterday. The renovation and expansion of Xianju Road was completed 43 days ahead of schedule, and the original two lanes for both ways have been expanded to four lanes, making it a trunk road from north to south.

The expanded highway is from Tingfeng Highway in the south to Beihuan Road in the north with a total length of 1.5 kilometers. The Tingfeng Highway is also being expanded currently.

The opening of the two highways is set to ease the traffic burden in Zhujing area.