Bus route extended to link Shantang villages

Oct 16, 2019

The Langxia No. 2 Bus Route was extended from Shantang Village of Langxia Town in Jinshan District to Shantang Village of Guangchen Town of Pinghu City in neighboring Zhejiang Province on Monday.

It's the first bus route in Jinshan that crosses the Shanghai border.

The bus sets out from Shantang Village of Langxia to Shantang Village of Pinghu, through the Seniors' Home, Langxia High School, Langxia Primary School and Langxia Hospital, and then returns to Langxia Wet Market between 6:20am to 4:20pm. At Shantang Village, passengers can transfer to Bus Route No. 207 for the Pinghu Passenger Center.

Passengers can use cards and coins for the 1-yuan (US$0.14) ticket.

The two villages, sharing the same name on opposite banks of a river dividing Shanghai and Zhejiang, have joined hands to accelerate their development.

Shantang Village of Langxia and Shantang Village of Pinghu are collaborating in the planning, designing, and launch of the Bright Moon Shantang scenic area, with a total investment of 52 million yuan (US$7.65 million).

As Jinshan's Shantang Village is in the north of the river, it's called North Shantang while the village in Pinghu is called South Shantang by locals. They are connected by a 22-meter slate stone bridge across the river.