Jinshan Shopping Festival brings in the cash

Oct 25, 2019

The one-month Jinshan Shopping Festival, closed on Tuesday, was aimed at promoting the development of the suburban district's time-honored brands and nighttime economy.

During the festival, the sales revenue reaped by nine sample commercial enterprises hit 258 million yuan (US$36.48 million), up 3.52 percent from a year earlier.

A wide range of activities were held at Bailian Jinshan Shopping Mall, such as the Jinshan dialects competition, a beer festival and outdoor cinema.

Besides, residents could buy Fengjing pig trotters and other local goods and famed produces at the Jinshan specialty fair during the festival.

The list of the first batch of 50 Jinshan characteristic shops, especially boutique hotels and restaurants such as Aunt Fu Restaurant in Langxia Town and Aliu Steamed Dumpling in Fengjing Town, was released during the festival.

Time-honored brands, such as Jinfeng Wine Company, Phoenix Bicycle and Dao Xiang Cun, also launched their new products.