60 shared parking spots created in Zhujing Town

Nov 13, 2019

Sixty parking spaces have been transformed into shared parking spots to make parking more convenient for nearby residents in government department compounds and public service units in Zhujing Town of Jinshan District.

"I recently bought a car, but the lack of parking space in the community was giving me a headache. Finally there is a place to park, which is both safe and worry-free," a resident of Nanwei residential area in Zhujing said.

The practice of opening parking spaces in government department compounds and public service units is being tested in Zhujing as officials go to work and use parking spaces during daytime while residents nearby need parking spaces after work at night.

The 60 parking spaces are at Zhujing Town Urban Comprehensive Management Center (750 Linyuan Road) and Zhujing Town Community Affairs Service Center (360 Renmin Road).

Residents can go to the units to apply for parking spaces after the approval from relevant neighborhood committees.

In addition, Zhujing authorities have added 1,300 parking spots in public spaces, including Jinlong New Street, south of Tingfeng Road and north of Zhong'an Street. And more than 1,100 parking spaces have been added along roads in the town area.