Hongqiao Hub Route 7 bus interval slashed at peak hours

Nov 22, 2019

The interval for the Route 7 Hongqiao Hub bus between Shanghai Petrochemical Bus Station in Jinshan District and Hongqiao Transport Hub has been shortened from eight minutes to five minutes during peak hours.

The new schedule was put into effect on November 11 and the number of buses for the route has been increased from 156 to 180. The buses will set off from Jinshan Petrochemical Bus Station from 4:45am onwards until 0:15am the next morning.

The return bus will run from 6am to 0:15am the next morning from Hongqiao to Jinshan.

The increase in capacity will make it more convenient and efficient for passengers to commute to Hongqiao International Airport and Hongqiao Train Station. And it will also make it easier to take the bus at Yexie Station during morning rush hours.