Jinshan, 5 Jiaxing towns join hands on rural pilot zone

Dec 9, 2019

Jinshan has joined hands with Jiaxing City of Zhejiang Province to work on collaborative planning on a rural revitalization pilot zone as part of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development strategy.

Five towns of the two sides – Langxia, Luxiang, Guangchen, Xincang and Zhangyan – will establish a collaborative mechanism promoting public service sharing, joint environmental treatment and infrastructure co-construction. Jinshan and Jiaxing have integrated resources to promote industrial development in the pilot zone.

The two regions will also collaborate in the areas of cultural construction, livelihood improvement and security enhancement. The first batch of collaborative projects, with 5.6 billion yuan (US$796 million) of investment, was launched in March.

A number of collaborative work stations have been established to jointly improve public security and protect consumer rights.