Larger carriages for Jinshan trains

Dec 13, 2019

Four new trains with a larger passenger capacity started operating for the Shanghai-Jinshan Rail System today.

With a designed speed cap of 160 kilometers an hour, the CRH6 model is specifically designed for urban transit. The previous model could only take about 600 passengers, while the new ones can take up to 1,950.

The line opened in 2012. It usually takes an express train about 30 minutes from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jinshan and an hour for a normal train which stops at eight stations along the way. Four toilets, LCD TVs, luggage racks, and disabled seats are provided in the carriages.

At first, the daily passenger flow was just 13,000 people a day, now it is 33,000. More than 60 million people have traveled on the line over the past seven years.

The Shanghai-Jinshan line is the first rail system within Shanghai that supports the public transportation card. Passengers can also scan QR codes on their mobile phones to take the trains.