Jinshan New Year's Day festivities draw big crowds

Jan 3, 2020

Colorful activities and scenic spots in Jinshan District attracted a total of 32,000 visitors on New Year's Day, up 12.57 percent from the same day last year.

At 6:51am, 2,020 balloons and 2,020 pigeons were released into the air while a red sun rose above the sea. Visitors and photographers from all parts of China took photos of the majestic moment.

There was live broadcast from noon of December 31 through New Year's Day with 5G, or fifth generation telecom technology, covering City Beach, Jinshanzui Fishing Village and Fengjing Old Town. The broadcast attracted thousands of viewers, providing them with a unique experience.

At 6pm on New Year's Eve, a 100-meter long table was set up at Jinshanzui Fishing Village for visitors to have hotpot with various types of seafood. And at midnight, thousands thronged to Donglin Temple in Zhujing Town to ring the New Year's bell.

A health run was organized at City Beach at 8am on New Year's Day, which attracted 2,020 runners. The 5-kilometer run aimed to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Nearly 30 swimmers joined the Open Water Winter Swimming Challenge at City Beach, with 41-year-old Shi Shenghai winning the top prize.