Moves on to boost night economy in Jinshan

May 6, 2020

The Jinshan International Beer Festival and the Jinshan Seafood Festival will be held in due course this year, and night markets will be set up in Sanyang and Fengjing towns to stimulate consumption, according to a Jiefang Daily report.

"We plan to upgrade the tourism functions of Fengjing Old Town, Jinshanzui Fishing Village and City Beach to make them new night life attraction," Wang Mingfa, director of the Jinshan District Economic Commission, said. Wang is also director of the Jinshan District Commerce Commission.

Two deputy directors of Sanyang and Fengjing towns in charge of commerce have been designated as "director at night" in charge of the coordination of the development of the night economy.

A double decker sightseeing bus has been put into operation, linking Jinshanwei Station and North Jinshan Station of the Shanghai Jinshan Line with tourist attractions in the suburban district. Visitors can buy one-day pass to visit these sites, including City Beach, Jinshanzui Fishing Village, Langxia Ecology Park, Donglin Temple, Huakaihaishang Park, Fengjing Old Town and Jinshan Peasant Painting Village.