Jinshan soars in garbage-sorting district ranking

Jul 8, 2020

The garbage sorting in Jinshan District jumped to 6th place among the 16 districts in Shanghai, rising 10 places from last year, the city's greenery and public sanitation authorities announced on Tuesday.

All 16 districts scored above 92 in terms of garbage sorting, an "excellent" level, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau revealed.

Yangpu, Jiading and Hongkou districts and the Pudong New Area were the best at sorting trash in the first half of this year, with Minhang, Putuo and Huangpu districts at the bottom.

Yangpu scored 96.49, followed by Jiading (96.46), Hongkou (95.8), Pudong (95.8), Qingpu (95.7) and Jinshan (95.5), while Minhang (92.88), Putuo (93.35) and Huangpu (93.49) were at the bottom, according to the bureau.

Pudong made the biggest strides, with its ranking climbing 12 places from the same period last year.

The assessment is based on the installation of facilities for garbage sorting, trash-sorting promotion, cleaners' work and sorting efficiency, the bureau announced earlier.

For the first time, new criteria covering facilities such as wash basins and odor control is included in the city's trash-sorting assessment system at residential communities, it said.

Measures to control smell at disposal spots in residential complexes, and whether they are equipped with tools to break open plastic bags and wash basins have been included in the evaluation.

Food waste and other wet rubbish inside plastic bags must be emptied into wet trash bins, and the bags themselves should be placed in dry trash bins. This requires the opening of bags at trash disposal sites.

The assessment also includes the sorting performance of streetside businesses, and the evaluation teams have been expanded to include representatives from relevant working units and social supervisors for the first time, together with the National People's Congress deputies and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at city and district level, the bureau said.

A total of 218 towns and subdistricts across the city scored "excellent" for trash sorting, while only two — Changxing Town in Chongming District and the Gumei Road Subdistrict in Minhang — scored "fine", the bureau said.

In June, about 968,600 tons of household garbage were collected in the city, the bureau revealed. A total of 9,632 tons of wet garbage were separated daily on average in the city last month, rising 38.5 percent from the same period last year.

In total, 6,814 tons of recyclable waste were sorted daily in June, soaring 71 percent from June last year, the bureau said.

As a result, 15,518 tons of dry trash were collected daily last month, a drop of nearly 20 percent from a year earlier, according to the bureau.