Luxiang flat peach prices stable despite adverse weather

Jul 21, 2020

The price of flat peaches in Luxiang Town, suburban Jinshan District, this year is the same as last year despite heavy rains and less sunlight, according to organizers of the annual Jinshan Flat Peach Festival yesterday.

"I have been planting the fruit for 37 years, and this year the rains were the heaviest of all," Huang Jinhui, a key fruit planter in Luxiang Town in his 60's, said. "Flat peach prices have remained stable at 20 yuan (US$2.86) to 40 yuan a kilogram depending on the quality."

Huang planted more than 133,400 square meters of plat peaches, or the size of 19 standard soccer fields.

Flat peaches of the Heavenly Queen brand from Luxiang Town have been recognized as a national geographical indication protection product, a national ecological origin protection product, and a Famous Brand in Shanghai.

Customers can buy the flat peaches on all major online shopping portals, including Taobao, Oriental CJ and the official WeChat account of Luxiang Travel. They are also available at supermarkets of Bailian Group, a heavyweight retail giant in Shanghai.

The flat peach season ends in two weeks around August 1.