Top eight new scenic spots honored

Dec 31, 2009

The new Top Eight Shanghai Scenic Spots received their official names on October 30.

The short names expressed the artistic conception of the scenery, the Shanghai Tourism Administration said.

They were selected from 1,500 suggestions contributed by residents over four months from October.

The new Top Eight, both natural and man-made, represent the city's culture, history and development.

They were chosen by more than 33,700 people from all walks of life. More than 300 scenic areas were recommended.

The administration yesterday released a bilingual book to introduce the eight top spots and 100 other candidates that did not make the final cut.

The new names are:

1. Morning Bell of the Bund (wai tan chen zhong)

2. Refined Rhythm of Yuyuan Garden (yu yuan ya yun)

3. New Splendor of old Shikumen (jiu li xin hui) (Xintiandi)

4. Miles of Neon Light (shi li ni hong) (Nanjing Rd East)

5. Green of Sheshan Hill (she shan shi cui)

6. Folk Art in Fengjing Town (feng jing xun hua)

7. Grand Skyscraper City Views (mo tian lan sheng)

8. Elegant Water Views Around Dianshan Lake (dian hu huan xiu)